International Seminar on Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Peace, Harmony,  Environment, Health, Well being, Sustainable Development 2023 (ISTENWPHEHWBSD - 2023)

Date & Time : 26  Sep 2023 , Tuesday, 06:00 PM Onwards (IST GMT+05:30 INDIA)

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International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons - 26 Sep

Multi-disciplinary, Inter-disciplinary, Trans-disciplinary, Multicultural & Multilingual International Conference : Online/Offline/Hybrid Mode - Zoom/YouTube Live

Timings (IST, GMT+05:30, INDIA) : Evening Sessions : 06:00 PM Onwards

Inviting Free Presentations/Free Participation/ Free ISBN/ISSN Publications/ Free talks on The Seminar Titles, Themes, topics, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, WELL BEING, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT & OTHER RELATED Topics & THEMES…from ANY discipline : Students, Research Scholars, Faculties, Academicians, Practitioners, NGOs, NPOs, CSOs, CSRs, all stakeholders to join us for the Seminar/Conference.

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