Free Delegate/Participant Registration Form :-

For Delegates/Participants :

  • Free Participant Registration Form.

  • Participation E-Certificates shall be provided.

  • Online/Virtual Participation for all registered.

  • Offline Participation (only for Selected Limited Invitees due to Covid restrictions).

Free Speaker/Presenter/Panelist/Full Paper Registration Form :-

For Speakers / Presenters / Panelists :

  • Free Speaker/Presenter Registration Form.

  • Online/Virtual Presentations for all registered.

  • Live/Pre-recorded PPT Audiovisual Presentations sessions.

  • Offline Presentations (only for Selected Limited Invitees due to Covid restrictions).

  • Presentation E-Certificates shall be provided.

  • First Come First Serve basis as per availability.

  • Presentations are preferred in English Language due to National & International Participants.

  • Presentations can be made in Telugu/Sanskrit/Hindi/English or in Specified Language for Bi-Lingual or Multi-Lingual Events

For Speakers/Presenters/Presentations :

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