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 Dr. Ravindra R M , 

WhatsApp +91970 550 3767 

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All the proceedings, presentations and full papers of 

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Celebrations 

(12th March 2021 -  15th August 2023)

Shall be Published in 

Multi Disciplinary 

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for the speakers/presenters/panelists/resource persons whowho completes all the formalities after the  completion of series in 2023.

After completion of series, all the opted and eligible speakers/presenters/panelists/resource persons who have presented/delivered shall be sent email with the Format, Specifications & Guidelines for the Submitting your research/presentations/papers/manuscripts for publication.

Only those speakers/presenters/panelists/resource persons who have presented/delivered on our platform are only eligible for requesting Publication.