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We invite and welcome various Local, Regional, National and International Social Service, Social Work, Social Sciences : Schools/ Departments/ Colleges/ Organizations/ Associations/ Academicians/ Professionals/ Practitioners/ Corporates/ PSUs/ CSR/ NGOs and relevant agencies for presentations/participation/collaboration/association/co-signatory and co-branding for the cause for free.

In Collaboration With International Fraternity...

Social Work Fraternity

Sri Holistic Health Foundation India (SHHFI)

Sri Research Institute and Centre for Arts, Sciences & Wellbeing (SRICASW)

International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)

& Others


 Professional Social Workers, Professional Social Work Associations, Social Work Schools & Departments, Social Work Fraternity & Stakeholders, NGOs & Others. 


Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Women’s College, India.


EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. – USA


Global Forum for Sustainable Rural Development (GFSRD)

Sample Format of Collaboration Request Letter/ Proposal

(Feel free to modify as required)


The Coordinator,

International Conference on Social Work, Sciences, Respecting Diversity, Inclusion, Social Action & Sustainable Development 2023 (ICSWSRDISASD-2023),



Dear/Respected Sir/Madam,

Sub: Proposal / Request Letter for Collaboration 

I/We, Prof./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Full Name) , (Designation) , on behalf of (Organization Name, Location/Address) is designated & authorised signatory, express our willingness to collaborate for the International Conference on Social Work, Sciences, Respecting Diversity, Inclusion, Social Action & Sustainable Development 2023 (ICSWSRDISASD-2023) and happy to extend our support and cooperation for the conference and it's proceedings

I/We, hereby request the coordinator/organisers to consider our request and accept our collaboration. I/We hereby authorise and  share our organization brief introduction, logo(s) and digital/scanned signature of authorised signatory along with this letter for co-branding/co-signatory for the conference materials/certificates and promotion.

I/We, understand that this is purely an academic collaboration and no financial transactions are involved in the process. I/We are not authorized by SHHFI&SRICASW, to invite/receive/raise any donations/funds/sponsorships from any private or public - individual/organization on behalf of/ towards the program/event & SHHFI&SRICASW.


1. Authorised Signatory - digital/scanned signature

2. Authorised Signatory - Brief Introduction/CV

3. Organization logo(s)

4. Organization - Brief Introduction/Brochure

Look forward for the collaboration.

Thanks & Regards

(digital/scanned signature)

(Prof./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Full Name) , 

(Designation) ,

(Organization Name, Location/Address/City,State,Country) ,

(Contact Number/WhatsApp Number) ,

(Email Address),


(Date & Time).

Collaborators willing to collaborate, are requested to register using free collaboration registration form and use above format (feel free to modify/Change if necessary to include additional information) and share with the above details & documents to conference coordinator email address at the earliest.

Note : Individuals/Professionals with independent practice/self-employed & Retired Seniors/Professionals/Practitioners, may skip the organization details, if not applicable, for collaboration.

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