Premium Membership Services

Free Services

All the following services are Free

(for all who completes formalities as specified in registration forms.)

  • Free Registrations

  • Free Speaker/Presenter/Panelist/Resource Person Registration

  • Free Participant Registration

  • Free Presentation / Participation E-Certificates

  • Free Publication as per eligibility

  • Free Online Support through Relevant Forms for all queries related to above.

Premium Membership Services

As per Request received from stakeholders to introduce premium services with less formalities, easy & quick process.

  • One Time Premium Member Registration for Fast & Quick Registration for all events.

  • Unique Membership Number

  • Yearly/Annual Membership Renewal

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Registrations for all events

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Speaker/Presenter/Panelist/Resource Person Registration

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Participant Registration

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Participation E-Certificates for all registered/participated events/programs

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Presentation E-Certificates for all registered/presented events/programs

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick, Phone, WhatsApp, Online Forms, Support for all queries related to above.

  • Free, Premium, Priority & Quick Publication as per eligibility

For Premium Memberships & Services and Further Details contact :

Sri. Dr. Ravindra : +91 9705503767

For Premium Members Only

Registration for every program/event compulsory.


Use same form to register for any event/program.

Premium Members Registration Form for Events/Programs :


Use same form to provide feedback for any event/program.

Premium Members Feedback Form for Events/Programs :

Lets Follow Instructions and Formalities and get upgrade to Free Premium Membership

  • Register for all Events/Programs

  • Attend/Participate completely

  • Provide oral & written feedback for each session

  • Provide oral & written feedback for overall sessions

  • Earn Certificates for all Events/Programs

  • Share Events/Programs Flyers & Registration Form Details to your circles/social media to Promote Presentations and Participation.